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Post by Kurogashi on Thu Jun 19, 2008 12:37 am

To apply to Lucky7, you must be in the South West (-,-) region and must fill in the following form and then IGM (In Game Message) Kurogashi your application:

-- Player Name:

-- Player ID:
(replace XXXX with your ID)

-- Date when you started this account:

-- Population:
-- Off rank:
-- Def rank:
-- Current alliance (if any):
--Troop Count (if you feel uncomfortable posting here IGM Kurogashi):

-- Location (coordinates of your capital; add more if your villages are spread in different areas):

-- Sitter(s):

-- How long have you been playing Travian? Is s2 your first server, is it your primary server?

-- Do you have a reference within Lucky7?

-- Which alliances have you been in before?

-- Why did you leave them?

-- Check the list of our confeds. Have you applied for any of them before?

-- Language:

-- How much time do you dedicate to travian everyday?

-- Do you offensive or defensive troops or both?

-- Did you receive any attack or raid recently? Are you being farmed?

-- How do you know about Lucky7 and why do you want to join?

-- Why do you think we should take you in?

-- Tell us more about yourself in general.

-- Is there anything else we need to know?

The following rules must be followed after joining Lucky7:

--Sitters must be Lucky7 members, no exceptions!
--You must help out when asked, and be active.
--You must respect everyone in the alliance.
--Insulting any player with or without reason will result in being kicked out. This game is for civilized people.
--If you do not like something speak up, we are democratic.
--Trooptool is an important tool, please update weekly, and daily during wars.
--Respect our allies.
--Your army's ratio should be 1:2 to your population. (This maybe ammended, depending on the circumstances)


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